WOW, what an experience! 

For the first time I put up a stall at the Lions Clubs WOW (Women Of Wonder) event on the 4th Of March at Radio Club.

The idea of customized frames  came to because of this really boring and plain wall in my balcony. Now for everyone that doesn’t know me, I’m a complete Pinterest girl, I scroll the whole day looking for new ideas and upcoming trends. So when I decided to change my room I had this empty wall in my balcony on which I wanted to do something that would make it look more vibrant and inspiring, so I came up with the idea of these quoted frames. I have this huge collection of diaries and notebooks and having them customized was something I’ve always wanted to get😊💪🏻

It was a great learning experience and probably the most challenging too, I wouldn’t have been able to make this as big a success as it was without all my friends and family who came by❤

You guys made everything so much easier for me,  I’m looking forward to go to many more events and take part in them, this is just the start there so much more coming up😊💕

My backbone through everything❤❤

Allow your self to be a begginer, no one starts off being excellent💪🏻

Thank you so much to all those who were always there with me, to those who contributed to my work & to those who appriciated everything I did☺️💕

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