The Best Advice I Recieved

I started blogging as a medium to put out my thoughts and views to people. But I think everytime you put your self up somewhere you have a million people trying to pull you back down. Every time you decide to start something new you’ll always have those few criticizes, who can’t put them selves up and try to pull you down instead!

Even after all the criticism I heard from people about me starting a blog page, or trying to act too tumblr and failing at it, the only thing I decided to do then was sit and laugh at them because it’s not like they’ve achieved anything great in their life!!

But even after all this being said, I’ve had some of the sweetest friends who movtivated me and pushed me to start blogging again. You guys know who y’all are and I probably can’t thank you’ll enough🙈❤❤

Evaluate the people in your life, then promote, demote & terminate. Remember your the CEO of your life❤

People will say what they want to, if you can’t do anything about it then let it go, don’t be a prisoner to things you can’t change!

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